Land Rental Partnership
When you rent your land to Robinson Meadowbrook, you’re entering into a long-term partnership. We’re financially stable, so you’ll get your rental income on time, every time. You’ll also be involved in our operations with farm tours, field days and annual meetings. You’ll also benefit from:

  • Good land management practices
  • Performance reporting
  • Yield maps and soil samples
  • Peace of mind, knowing your land is being farmed by professionals who care about your land

Crop Consulting
Robinson Meadowbrook offers professional service with excellent precision and accuracy, along with advantages like:

  • Proactive approach to head off problems in your fields as they happen
  • Strong knowledge base and many years of practical experience and education
  • Utilizing economic thresholds so you maximize net return
  • People who will pay a significant amount of attention to you and your farm
    • Field Scouting
      • Field, seed and regulated seed corn, popcorn and soybean consulting
      • Scout for disease, insects, weeds and irrigation scheduling
      • Weekly and biweekly scouting
    • Soil Sampling
      • Fertility recommendations
      • Basic, soil zone and grid sampling
      • Corn nematode and soybean cyst nematode sampling

Seed Sales
We’ve been in the seed business a long time, and we have the knowledge, know-how and integrity to make sure you end up with the proper seed in your fields. We don’t just sell seed, we provide services like these:

  • Field-by-field product placement
  • Local product and agronomy support
  • Knowledge of products and local geography
  • Experience with the products on our own farms
  • Proven genetics and technologies, with NK soybeans and Golden Harvest corn
  • Seed delivery, right to your farm
  • Plots you can watch
  • Yield weighs
  • Yield monitor calibrations

Crop Insurance
Coming in 2010!

Farm Operations
Take advantage of our years of experience and a strong commitment to stewardship of the land to maximize yield with services such as:

  • Detailed planning for each field to maximize profitability
  • Use of technology to increase efficiency and reduce expenses
  • Timely planting and harvest
  • Implementation of soil fertility maintenance programs per field and even per acre, if needed

Seed Production
The people of Robinson Meadowbrook have more than 100 combined years of experience in seed corn production, so we can provide:

  • Willingness and ability to work with everyone, including neighbors, to ensure maximum field acreage usage
  • Strong relationships with local seed companies
  • An excellent source of diversified income to help cash flow

Custom Farming
We’ll take care of every acre of your land like they’re our own with amenities like these:

  • Late-model equipment that can take on your acres with minimal downtime
  • A strategic plan that takes care of your land at the right time